"That was really good!! No tears, minimum resistance. All around happy with how the injection went. :) One happy mumma and baby bear!! Before when I went to use this type of needle I had to pin Issac (who was 3 at the time) down, literally lock him with my legs and use one arm to hold him down and inject. This was horrible for both me and Issac. I’m very relieved that @mysteadyshot has helped!! Yes he was a bit unsure but he still let me and this is an amazing gold star for us today!! Thank you Steady Shot"
Katelyn uses Steady Shot to inject insulin in her arm.

"Steady shot has changed the way I give my daily injections! I've been diabetic for nearly 13 years, and for the majority of that time I have been using MDI (multiple daily injections). Due to convenience most of my injections have all been given in my stomach... However, after so many years of MDI in my stomach I've formed quite the scar tissue in this location. I have always been hesitant to give shots in other locations due to the unsteady feeling I get when trying to give injections one handed. Since I ordered and started using steady shot I now feel so much more comfortable giving injections in my arms and I can't wait to try out some other locations as well. Even if I may not absolutely need it to give shots in my arm- it has helped with my peace of mind, which automatically makes me more comfortable. I would definitely recommend steady shot to anyone using MDI!"

Adam uses Steady Shot with pen needles to inject insulin.

"As I have been trying out new injection sites I’ve realized that I’m all thumbs. It’s difficult for me to reach these places and still hold my pen in the correct way to inject. So, I tried a new device from @mysteadyshot. This is a device that you put on the end of your insulin pen that helps you stabilize the needle against your skin. Allowing you to hold the pen in a better position for those 10 seconds. This thing is more than pretty cool, it’s super helpful! I’m a lefty and it helped me inject in my left arm this morning! I’m really not sure I’ve ever injected there! I’ve tried it in both arms, my back and my butt. It’s helped in all three locations! I’m happy I bought this and definitely gonna be able to spread my insulin around more efficiently now. Thank you #mysteadyshot!
This isn’t a paid ad. I paid for my device! I just thought this could help other diabetics who are all thumbs but need to inject in different places like me!"

Georgia injects insulin with Steady Shot in hard to reach places.

"I bought & have been using @mysteadyshot for about a month now & I’ve been loving it!! I’ve been doing mdi (multiple daily injections) for 16 years now & it truly makes injections in hard to reach places so much easier!"
Merrill loves using Steady Shot for pen needles.

"Today on Merrill's diabetic post: a helpful little tool!
Let me take you back to the mid 2000s. I was in third grade and my wonderful teacher Mrs.Stout noticed something about me that my parents and I hadn't. She told my parents that she noticed me shaking. I wasn't cold or nervous, and only my hands were shaking. She mentioned it and, since then, it's been something I've learned to deal with.
It only really effected me when I'm focusing hard on doing something such as measuring vanilla extract...or giving myself injections. Since June, I've been insanely shaky every time I give myself insulin. It's so frustrating when I finally get it fully in just to shake it out.

Shockingly, a Facebook ad led me to one of the most helpful things I've gotten for my t1d. The Steady Shot is a piece of plastic that you put around the pen cap needle of your insulin pen. It slips over it, resting over the plastic base of the cap. It sort of bunches the fat up and pushes it up onto the needle, instead of the opposite way around! It also helps you keep your hand steady, and opens up new injection sites like the back of your arm. This is honestly the best $20 ever spent! It is so so so so so helpful for my tummy and my legs! I really recommend it for people who need that extra bit of stability!"

"Steady Shot came in the mail two days ago I have been loving it!! It makes shots in public and in the car so much easier and no more asking Matt or my parents to reach sites for me."

Deborah is a mom of a type 1 diabetic. Steady Shot helps them inject insulin.

"I just wanted to say that we LOVE Steady Shot!!  I purchased it for my son so that I didn't have to give him his Lantus at night in his arms - he can do it now.  He loves it and said that even though he doesn't feel his shots much anymore that this has helped him be able to rotate sites by himself much easier and he barely feels it."
Steady Shot for pen needles helps with daily Ozempic injections. Easily inject and reach new diabetes injection sites.

"I only do one injection a week using Ozempic so I was only able to try it in one place so far but I LOVE it. This was the first time I tried it and I used in on my abdomen and it was easy to use after reading the instructions. I used it with the 4mm pen needles and it worked effortlessly. It felt so stable and not like I had to work to keep the needle in place when injecting. I used it with my dominant right hand but I can see it being easy to use with either hand. It’s small enough that it can easily be stored with all other diabetes supplies."

If you are newly diagnosed with type 2 or type 1 diabetes, Steady Shot can help you self-administer insulin shots.

"I have been absolutely loving it! I find it has helped a ton! I was recently diagnosed with type 1 so I'm not exactly used to giving myself insulin and it has helped out so much. It has made my experience with insulin pens much easier."

Kathy ordered two Steady Shot for pen needles.

"I just received my second order. I received my Steady Shot today and I love it. I had my first one a week before I lost it 🥴I think I accidentally threw it away after I removed it from pen. Glad it makes shots in my arms possible."

Reach new injection sites for insulin with diabetic insulin pens and pen needles. For fast or long acting insulin.

"I really like the steady shot, it is so simple and easy to use! I’m going to bring it to show my diabetes educators next time I go in! It has allowed me to use different sites I didn’t feel comfortable using before! I can now use arms on my own without asking others for help! I would absolutely recommend it to a friend. I have gained a lot more useable sites with the steady shot! It’s such a great device that is simple to use! I’ve always liked to pinch my sites and using arms alone not being able to pinch them terrified me! I can now do it on my own with ease!"

Eloize uses Steady Shot to help with diabetes management and blood sugar control.

"Steady Shot was very user-friendly and easy to attach. I don’t think user error is possible on this product. It’s small, portable and reusable too, which is always a plus, seeing as most diabetes products are single-use only, creating a lot of waste 🤗💪•"

Inject insulin in your arm and other injection sites to reduce pain from the needle and improve blood glucose levels and a1c.

"Thank you! I tried my arm by myself for the FIRST time. Incredible. 10/10 LOVE

I was diagnosed with diabetes a little over a year ago, and haven’t started pumping yet. With this I take a long acting insulin and fast acting insulin before meals. I haven’t been too adventurous when it comes to injection sites. Just my stomach, and I’ve tried my thigh a couple times. If I’m doing any other site, someone else does it for me because I HATE doing injections one handed. My first time trying the steady shot, I did my first EVER shot in my arm by myself, and it was SO easy. I love this product so much already and it really helps promote site rotation for people like me that are stubborn switching from their favorite spot. My tummy can finally have a break!!"