Meet Steady Shot

Meet Steady Shot

An add-on for insulin pen needles that makes administering insulin easy for everyone. Whether newly diagnosed or a veteran injector, Steady Shot has it's perks!

Reach New Injection Sites

Steady Shot is a helping hand for your insulin pen, making it easier to reach new insulin injection sites.

How to administer insulin with pen needles.

Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

Easily use your non-dominant hand to reach injection sites on a new side of your body.

Stop Lipohypertrophy

Stop injecting in the same, easy to reach injection sites. Inject in new, unused injection sites to prevent the build up of lipohypertrophy.


Expect to receive Steady Shot in 2-3 business days!

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Keep your needle steady during the entire injection process.


Easier to control injection depth, angle and easier to hold the needle in the injection site for 10 seconds.

New Injector Help

Training wheels for new injectors to adjust to giving injections easier.

Prevent Needle Breaks

Guard your needle from accidental breaks, bends and finger pokes.

Vision Issues

Steady Shot guides the needle into the injection site, making it easier for people with vision impairments to inject.

Dexterity Issues

Steady Shot holds the needle steady during the injection. This helps people with dexterity issues or shaky hands keep the needle still while injecting.

Inject While Travelling

Steady Shot holds the needles steady during the injection. Making it easier to inject in the car, boat, plane or train.

90 Degree Insertion

Steady Shot inserts the needle at a perfect 90 degree angle every time.