Steady Shot For Pen Needles

Steady Shot For Pen Needles



Steady Shot is an add-on for diabetes insulin pen needles that makes administering insulin easy for everyone.  Steady Shot simply...

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Steady Shot is an add-on for diabetes insulin pen needles that makes administering insulin easy for everyone.  Steady Shot simply connects to your standard pen needle and holds the needle steady during your injection. Diabetics have reduced their needle phobia and anxiety, reached new insulin injection sites, learned how to give injections, improved blood glucose control, and felt safer using insulin pens when newly diagnosed or elderly while using Steady Shot.

Steady Shot is reusable for 6 months or longer and should be sterilized regularly.

Steady Shot was made by a type 1 diabetic, for diabetics.



How steady shot works for insulin injections


Reduce needle phobia and anxiety
Easily inject large doses
Inject while travelling
Training wheels for new injectors
Helps Elderly, Youth and Caregivers Inject


90 degree angle insertion
Prevent intramuscular injections
Prevent needle bend or break
Improve blood glucose levels
More confidence when injecting


    Reach new injection sites with your other hand and rest over-used injection sites. Over-using the same injection site damages tissue and causes pain and poor blood sugar control. On average it takes 2-3 months or longer to heal while not injecting in that area. 38% of injectors have this damaged tissue called lipohypertrophy and many don't know it. Making it harder to control their blood sugars while not knowing why. 

      Steady Shot benefits for diabetes injections help


      Select the size Steady Shot that corresponds to the length of pen needles you use. For example, if you use 5mm pen needles, select the 5mm Steady Shot size before checkout.

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            Injectors who use Steady Shot for diabetes injections.

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 47 reviews
            Alice New Mexico
            74 years young

            Steady Shot was packaged well. I am 74 yr old, type 2, female with tremors and Steady Shot helps with injections. Now I am not limited to where I can inject insulin. Thankful I read Shawn's article in Diabetic Living. Thank You Shawn. Alice
            Las Cruces New Mexico

            Marcia Soerens

            This was purchased for my sister to have a backup in her travel bag. It's too bad you don't sell them in sets of two and three or four. This is been a marvelous tool for my sister. She heard about it on a program for entrepreneurs in Milwaukee. Since using this tool the diabetes is becoming more under control as she is able to use it in other places on her body that she could not before. She got such pain from doing her shot in her stomach all the time that she would skip doses because of the pain and now due to consistent shots the diabetes is more under control. This is a great tool and every Dr. Who Scripts insulin should make sure to introduce this tool.

            Ted saunders
            Good device

            I like it it helps no bruising when I use it after the shot the only thing I would suggest is you make it so they could stay on the PIN after you take the needle out of the pen so you could use it next time and know where it is you wouldn't have to store it separately but a great device I am handicapped a paraplegic and I only have the use of one hand makes giving the shot excellent though thank you for inventing it

            Steady shot

            Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but when I do I’ll certainly give you a shout out. Saw your product on Pitch It. Great idea!

            Michael Morton

            It’s been such a great relief getting to use other areas that I couldn’t do without this device.