• What is Steady Shot?

    Steady Shot is a stabilizer attachment for insulin pen needles that makes it easier to rotate injection sites and inject insulin. Steady Shot is re-usable for 6 months and should be sterilized regularly.

  • How does Steady Shot work?

    Steady Shot attaches to the base of the insulin pen needle and has two arms that extend past the needle tip. These arms stabilize the injection site and hold the needle steady during the injection. As the arms are pressed into the fat, the needle is also pressed into the fat. After the needle is pressed 4mm or more into the fat, the medicine may be injected.

  • What are the benefits of using Steady Shot?

    Steady Shot will help you rotate to new injection sites, inject while traveling, learn how to give injections, give injections when elderly, and help untrained caregivers inject.

  • Where do you inject with Steady Shot?

    You can inject with Steady Shot in your abdomen, thighs, back, butt and back of your arms.

  • What pen needles does Steady Shot work with?

    Steady Shot works with all pen needles besides Novofine Plus, BD Nano 2nd Gen, and Owen Mumford Unifine. Steady Shot does not work with syringes or safety pen needles.

  • How do I know Steady Shot is working?

    When pressing Steady Shot into your fat tissue, you will see the needle penetrate the skin enter the fat tissue. You can inject when the needle is inserted at least 4mm deep into the tissue. You know Steady Shot is working during the injection when you see the needle in the fat. Overtime, if you continually rotate injection sites with Steady Shot, you will see the reduction of lipohypertrophic tissue and the increase in healthy tissue growth.

  • How long can Steady Shot be used before replacing?

    Steady Shot can be used for up to 6 months without replacing and should be sterilized regularly. Steady Shot never comes in direct contact with the needle.

  • Where can I order Steady Shot?

    You can order Steady Shot at https://mysteadyshot.com/products/steadyshot

  • What are your shipping rates?

    We offer free USA shipping and returns. International shipping is automatically calculated at checkout.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes we do. If you would like to return Steady Shot, email shawn@mysteadyshot.com to initiate the return process.