Hi, my name is Shawn. I’m type 1 diabetic.


Whenever I eat carbs or my blood sugars are high, I need to inject insulin. Many days I feel like I am eating constantly, which means injecting insulin constantly as well. For 3 years it wasn’t a problem. But when I started to notice pain and bruising in my abdomen and thighs from not rotating injection sites, a condition called lipohypertrophy, I knew something needed to change.

My doctor always told me to rotate injection sites to avoid these problems, but being my stubborn self I didn’t because my arms, back, and butt were much more difficult to reach than my abdomen and thighs. Realizing this pain and bruising was now part of my new reality, I wanted to do something about it. I wasn’t willing to accept lipohypertrophy, so I built a simple guide with a recessed needle in my parent’s garage that would stabilize the insulin pen for easy one-handed use. Steady Shot was born. After 3D printing a few prototypes for use with my insulin pen, I was finally able to rotate to sites which I previously couldn’t reach and provide relief to my over injected areas. For the first time, I could use my left hand to inject and reach the far left side of my body. I could comfortably inject in my arms, lower back, and butt. After rotating for some time, my bruising started to fade and injections in my abdomen slowly got less painful. Now, I don’t have bruising or pain at all.

I’ve been using different versions of Steady Shot for over 3 years. My own experience, paired with the feedback of others, has helped me improve the design. Injectors have found Steady Shot easier than traditional injections, felt less pain when injecting, improved dexterity for elderly injectors, and have found rotating injection sites easier when pregnant or traveling. Untrained caregivers can properly insert the needle at 90 degrees safely into the subcutaneous tissue every time.

Such a simple little device has drastically changed my life so I created this company to get it in the hands of other injectors. 7.3 million Americans inject insulin and 38% have lipohypertrophy. With Steady Shot, it doesn’t have to be this way for the 2.8 million people suffering. While in college, I worked hard with a startup generator at UW-Madison, called Discovery to Product, that funded the commercialization of Steady Shot. After a long journey, Steady Shot is ready for order. I’m excited to hear injectors feedback after giving Steady Shot a try. I know Steady Shot will improve others' lives just like it has mine!



Shawn Michels


I really like the Steady Shot, it is so simple and easy to use! I’m going to bring it to show my diabetes educators next time I go in! It has allowed me to use different sites I didn’t feel comfortable using before! I can now use arms on my own without asking others for help! I would absolutely recommend it to a friend. I have gained a lot more usable sites with the steady shot! It’s such a great device that is simple to use! I’ve always liked to pinch my sites and using arms alone not being able to pinch them terrified me! I can now do it on my own with ease!

- Kristen

I only do one injection a week using Ozempic so I was only able to try it in one place so far but I LOVE it. This was the first time I tried it and I used in on my abdomen and it was easy to use after reading the instructions. I used it with the 4mm pen needles and it worked effortlessly. It felt so stable and not like I had to work to keep the needle in place when injecting. I used it with my dominant right hand but I can see it being easy to use with either hand. It’s small enough that it can easily be stored with all other diabetes supplies.

- Jennifer

I have been absolutely loving it! I find it has helped a ton! I was recently diagnosed with type 1 so I'm not exactly used to giving myself insulin and it has helped out so much. It has made my experience with insulin pens much easier.

- Michelle


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